We can help you find the balanced look you want, taking a non-surgical approach to Nose Reshaping to avoid the invasiveness of surgery.

This treatment will soften the appearance of humps, bumps and any unevenness of the nose, to help rebalance the facial structure, leaving you with natural looking results.

The Number of treatments is often 1, dependent on the look desired and will last around 45 minutes

                                                                                                                                     Price from  £350

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How does Nose Reshaping work?

Our Nose Reshaping treatment works to lift and transform the shape of your nose without making any incisions. We prefer taking a non-surgical approach and our natural Juvéderm® fillers are manufactured by Allergen who are the world’s leading supplier of cosmetic pharmaceuticals. By exclusively using their products, we can guarantee their quality and high clinical testing.

Juvéderm® fillers are made of naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid. When Hyaluronic Acid is formed into a gel-like substance and infused just below the skin’s surface, it becomes the ultimate, gentle, redefinition tool. The fillers work to restore balance to your face and can be used to enhance or reduce the appearance of the bridge and tip of the nose.

When the fillers are applied, they immediately begin binding and retaining water molecules, naturally hydrating the skin and stimulating plumping receptors beneath the surface. As Hyaluronic Acid is one of the key proteins in the body that keeps the skin looking youthful, it’s completely natural plumper! In small concentrated doses, it is a very effective means of creating beautifully subtle contours, ideal for straightening and defining the nose region.

Is Nose Reshaping right for me?

If the shape of your nose makes you feel self-conscious, or if you’re unhappy with the way it sits within the rest of your face, Nose Reshaping is a simple alternative to restore your confidence and create a natural-looking difference.

During your free consultation, our practitioners will dedicatedly guide you through all our reshaping options that can help you achieve the result you want. Depending on what you wish to alter, we may recommend you use another restructuring treatment that will produce better outcomes. This treatment works specifically to alter only the nose area, yet we have many treatments that can work well to generate a more balanced definition to your face and body, depending on where you want to target.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically 1-2 treatments are needed, yet this depends upon the desired result. As Juvéderm® fillers are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, it is a semi-permeant treatment lasting for around 12-18 months. This is because Hyaluronic Acid is naturally biodegradable and the body eventually breaks it down which may mean a repeated treatment is required to maintain the same results.

What other areas can be Reshaped?

This treatment is specifically for reshaping the nose area, although we do have many other treatments options available which will be more suited to restructuring other areas of the face and body, such as Dermal Fillers. Depending on your desired outcome, we can help you decide which treatment route would help you achieve this result best.

What results can I expect?

This final outcome generally varies on an individual basis as each client wants something different. With Nose Reshaping, we are often asked to soften any humps on the bridge of the nose.

Typically after this treatment, many clients see an improvement in their side profile, with their nose looking much more smooth and defined, with no visible disruptions to the bridge’s silhouette.

Pre-treatment advice

Prior to your treatment, we recommend that you avoid any alcohol consumption for 24 hours.

We also advise you to avoid using any Retinol, Glycolic or Salicylic Acid products for 1-2 weeks before your treatment.

If you have been unwell with a cold virus, cold sore (herpes) or any other skin rash or condition, please phone the clinic to check if you should still attend your appointment. Your general medical health is important, and we are happy to reschedule your aesthetic treatment if necessary.