Profhilo is innovation at its finest and is considered the holy grail of the skincare world. This treatment is being used by Bloggers & Celebrities due to Skincare experts raving about it.

Profhilo is perfect for those 30+ who want to:

  • Stimulate the production of Collagen
  • Increase firmness and elasticity by plumping the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate tired, dull and aging skin
  • Have healthier, softer, younger looking skin

Profhilo® is a remodelling treatment designed to give your skin a glowing complexion. It is perfect for dull, tired, ageing skin that is in desperate need of a burst of vitality. From the age of 30, our skin begins to lose precious vitamins and proteins that keep our skin firm and youthful. Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) are lost as we get older, causing the skin to wrinkle, sag and fold. By stimulating the production of Collagen and Elastin within this treatment, it will emits the slow release of Hyaluronic Acid, which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Profhilo® works to give your skin a huge hydration boost, lifting the tone and improving the texture of your complexion with natural and beautifully subtle results.

Profhilo Treatment requires 2 sessions 4 weeks apart, both lasting 45 minutes

1 session£280
2 sessions£530

How does Profhilo® work?

Profhilo® works to intensely hydrate your complexion and restore a smoother, glowing appearance. It is an injectable treatment that infuses a very high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid into five different key points on each side of the face. The injections work to stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin, boosting firmness and hydrating the skin as it goes.

For the best, most significant results, Profhilo® works in two stages and requires two treatments within a month. After the first treatment, the injections begin to stimulate four different types of Collagen and Elastin and slowly releases Hyaluronic Acid: this acts as the activation stage. Then, after the second treatment, you will see instant results – the elevation stage. Immediately there will be a boost of hydration from within, leaving your skin feeling smoother, tighter and intensely nourished. Profhilo remains in the skin for around 28 days and works hard to activate the production of essential anti-ageing proteins and antioxidants in the skin. This cosmetic treatment is semi-permanent, usually lasting up to 6 months, yet this can vary depending on the individual and on their skin’s ageing process.

Why chose Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment and is designed to restore your skin to its former glowing glory. As we age, there is a natural decline in the amount of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid that our body produces, which is why we start to see the visible signs of ageing. To fight the signs of ageing, Profhilo® is recommended in order to preserve the skin and prevent any further deeper lines to develop.

Unlike Dermal Fillers which add volume to specific areas, Profhilo® works to lift the whole of your complexion. By stimulating the production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid, it gently volumises and hydrates dull, sagging skin for a complete rejuvenation, which will leave you with a radiant, young glow and restored firmness.

This treatment is suitable for all ages, men and women. We do recommend a combined treatment plan for people over the age of 60 so we can fully target deeper, more dynamic lines. Sometimes, a combination of treatments is more necessary to achieve the best results, as people over the age of 60 may not experience the same results as someone of 30.

During your first free consultation, your expert practitioner will outline all the treatment options available to you and discuss your desired outcome. A combined treatment approach may be needed depending on the way your skin ages.

If you are looking for subtle, uplifting results to restore a brighter, younger complexion, Profhilo® is the treatment that delivers.

Where can Profhilo® be used?

Profhilo® is most commonly used for facial areas, but can also effectively be used for revitalising the neck, decollete, arms, knees and hands. Recently, the neck is becoming a popular area to have Profhilo®, due to its ability to help reduce crepe-like skin and sagginess and stimulate a firmer, younger appearance.

What is the difference between Profhilo® and Dermal Fillers?

Due to the way that Profhilo® is formulated, it is not a volumising treatment in the same way that dermal fillers are and is not used to enhance specific areas of the face (e.g. lips, cheeks, chin).  Profhilo® is primarily a hydrating treatment, and the Hyaluronic Acid it contains is dispersed evenly throughout the face, giving your skin a more plump and firm look overall.

Due to the way that Profhilo® is formulated, it is not regarded as a volumizing treatment in the same way that Dermal Fillers are. Dermal Fillers are used to only enhance specific areas of the face, like the lips, the chin, etc. It works to treat individual concerns, facial imbalances, acne scars and restore volume loss.

Profhilo®, on the other hand, is primarily a hydrating treatment and works to restore vitality across the whole appearance, not just one element. The Hyaluronic Acid it contains is dispersed evenly throughout the face, giving your skin a plumper, deeply hydrated and firm complexion.

Will Profhilo® work for my skin type?

Profhilo® is suitable for most skin types and ages, although this will be formally confirmed during your consultation.

Usually, after the age of 30 is when we begin to lose significant amounts of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid which is generally when our clients start to consider preventative treatments such as Profhilo. Taking preventative measures is fundamental to ensure that your skin will look its best in the years later to come and we believe that targeting the first signs of ageing early, is the most effective way to having younger-looking skin for longer.

This is a perfect beginner treatment for those who feel they look older than they are, who want to improve the quality of their skin and restore vitality to their whole complexion. If you feel your skin is in dire need of hydrating and rejuvenation, Profhilo®is the lift your skin needs.

How long does Profhilo® last?

The results from Profhilo® treatments will most often last for up to six months, but results can differ from person to person.

What results can I expect from Profhilo®?

After just a single course of Profhilo®, which involves two injectable treatments a month apart, you can expect to see the effects of intense hydration: your skin looks healthier, plump, rosy, glowing. You’ll also notice the reduction or complete disappearance of fine lines. Even for those with very wrinkled skin, the improvement in the texture would be undeniable. In some cases, extra care is required to soften the appearance of harder, deeper lines and additional treatment can be used to help repair the skin further if the client desires.

How many treatments will I need?

To achieve the best long-lasting results, two treatments are recommended with a four-week interval. Some people may see the results within the first week, but the best outcomes of the treatment will be visible four weeks after the second treatment.

Pre-treatment advice for Profhilo®

Avoid having any alcohol the day before your treatment as this will help to minimise the chance of bruising. Also, we recommend in the week before your treatment, try to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or any other type of anti-inflammatory medication as this will reduce your risk of swelling and bruising. Ask your medical practitioner for further advice if you have any concerns.

Profhilo® aftercare

Profhilo® treatment should not affect your daily life too much. Our advice is that you should avoid wearing make-up, except for mineral-based make-up which shouldn’t irritate the injection sites.

We also recommend that you do not go to the gym, or use its facilities like the sauna, steam room or swimming pool on the same day as treatment. You should also avoid touching the treated areas as this increases the risk of infection.