Skin Care Treatments

We offer a range of advanced skin treatments designed to tackle skincare concerns such as acne, redness, sun spots, ageing and more, all delivered by our expert practitioners who put your safety first. You can find out more about how much our skin treatments cost below.

For more information on any of our treatments please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your concerns, your goals and talk you through your treatment options.

     IPL Hair Removal 

FACE FEMALEApprox. Treatment TimeCost per SessionCost of 6 Full Price Treatments20% Off
Course 6
(post 6
BODY MALEApprox. Treatment TimeCost per SessionCost of 6 Full Price Treatments20% Off
Course 6
(post 6
Centre Brow OR Earlobes15 mins£45£270£216£35Underarm15 mins£95£570£456£80
Upper Lip15 mins£55£330£264£45Buttocks30 mins£110£660£528£95
Chin OR Sides of Face15 mins£70£420£336£60Lower Arm 30 mins£140£840£672£115
Lip & ChinOR Jawline OR Neck30 min£95£570£456£80Chest OR Stomach30 mins£140£840£672£115
Jaw, Chin OR Upper Lip30 mins£110£660£528£95Whole Arm OR Full Back(only)60 mins£205£1230£984£175
Full Face45 mins£145£870£696£115Shoulders & Upper Arm60 mins£205£1230£984£175
Full Face 7 Front Neck60 mins£165£990£792£135Chest & Stomach60 mins£220£1320£1056£190
BODY FEMALELower Leg60 mins£220£1320£1056£190
Fingers OR Nipples OR 15 mins£65£390£312£55Upper Leg 75 mins£250£1500£1200£200
Hands OR Feet15 mins£75 £450£360£65 Full Back(incl. shoulders)75 mins£250£1500£1200£200
Underarm15 mins£85£510£408£75Full Legs90 mins£385£2310£1848£330
Bikini (standard)OR Buttocks30 mins£95£570£456£80Hands OR Feet& Toes15 mins£75£450£360£60
Bikini (Brazilian)0R 30 mins£130£780£624£105
Navel Line OR Toes15 mins£65£390£312£55FACE MAIE
Lower Arm OR Abdomen30 mins£130£780£624£105Earlobes 15 mins£45£270£216£35
Upper Arm OR Lower Back30 mina£130£780£624£105Centre Brow15 mina£45£270£216£35
Bikini(Full)45 mins£165£990£792£135Upper Cheek15 mins£65£390£312£55
Full Arm OR Lower Leg45 mins£180£1080£864£160Front OR Back Neck15 mins£95£570£456£80
Upper Leg45 mins£195£1170£936£170Front & Back Neck30 mins£130£780£624£105
Upper Leg(incl. bikini)60 mins£220£1320£1056£190Beard30 mins£140£840£672£120
Full Leg60 mins£275£1650£1320£225Beard & Front Neck45 mins£165£990£792£150
Full Leg (incl. bikini)75 mins£305£1830£1464£250
Underarm & Bikini (standard)45 mins£140£840£672£120
Underarm & Bikini (Brazilian)45 mins£165£990£792£150
Underarm & Bikini (Full)60 mins£210£1260£1008£180


Approx.Treatment TimeCost Per SessionCost of 3 Full Price Treatments15% Off Course 3 Sessions
Facial Veins Or Pigment Removal
Single Lesion30 mins£75£225£195
Cheeks 30 mins£100£300£225
Cheeks & Noe45 mins£150£450£380
Half Face45 mins£180£540£460
Full Face60mins£200£600£510
Full Face & Neck75 mins£250£750£640
Full Face ,Neck & Chest90 mins£300£900£765
Chest Only 45 mins£180£540£460
Hands30 mins£150£450£380
Half Face30 mins£135£405£345
Full Face45 mins£175£525£420
Full Face & Neck 60 mins£200£600£480
Full Face & Neck & Chest75 mins£200£750£600
Neck Only30 mins£125£375£319
Chest Only45 mins£150£450£383
Hands 30 mins£100£300£295
Half Face30 mins£95£285£242
Ful Face45 mins£150£450£383
Shoulders45 mins£150 £450£383
Chest45 mins£150£450£383
Full Back60 mins£250£750£638
Advanced Anti-wrinlkle from £170Thread face Liftfrom £590
Filler 1vialfrom £160Tread Nose Lift( Tipsy Nose)from £500
Face Enhancementfrom £270PRP HAIR/SKINfrom £190
Tear Trough 1 vialfrom £280Chemical peels from £250
Profhilo 1 sessionfrom£250Mole/Tags Removalfrom £280