Full Body Laser Hair Removal

We have a wide range of treatment areas to suit every concern you may have. If you’re looking to permanently, or significantly reduce, any unwanted hair – whether it’s for an occasion, or just to make yourself feel more confident – then we have a variety of treatments for you to choose from.

We allow you to customise your treatment plan to your needs. Maybe you only want to focus on a few areas like your Eyebrows, Underarms or Legs. No area is too big or small to include in your plan. Or, perhaps you want to have a Full Body Treatment, where you can be hair free from head to toe! This would consist of 6 treatments of 6 courses – Full Face, Underarms, Full Legs, Full Arms inc Hands, Back & Shoulders and Hollywood Bikini!

Laser Hair Removal is a short term commitment to get long term results. Compared to other traditional hair removal methods, Full Body Laser Hair Removal can get rid of all your unwanted hair for good! The results do not happen immediately, yet once your course of treatments is complete you will see significant, if not permanent, reductions in unwanted body hair. Committing shortly to Laser Hair Removal means you will never have to a worry about regular hair removal again.

By using the most advanced laser technology and devices, we modify our treatment depending on what would work best for your skin type. Each device works by destroying the hair follicles in the skin using light energy. The intense pulsed light beams target the root of the hair cells and damages the environment they grow in, delaying further hair regrowth. Once your hair follicles are completely destroyed, no hair can regrow, which is why it is sometimes necessary to have multiple sessions to achieve permanent results.

If you’re still unsure, please get in touch with us and we will take you through the further benefits of the available treatment options, where we will find the best hair removal method to suit you. Our treatments are suitable for most skin types, tones and popular among both men and women. It uses modern laser technology to target those darker areas, stubborn ingrown hairs and pesky bikini lines. Lasers are definitely the new razors!